Respite Services

B3 Respite Services provides relief to primary caregiver(s). Families need to know their loved one is in good hands and being supported.

B3 Respite Services may be available for individuals who have Medicaid, but do not have the Innovations Waiver. This service provides periodic support and relief to a participant’s primary caregiver so that the caregiver may attend to errands, spend time with other members of the family, or participate in events. Respite may include services in or outside of the participant’s home. 

Durham Voucher Respite Program (Durham County residents only): The Respite Voucher Program is meant to support caregivers and parents who take care of a loved one with a qualifying developmental disability with financial assistance to pay for respite care.

The Managed Care Organization,  Alliance Health, funds The Arc of the Triangle each year so we can pass the money to our Durham County families that are waiting for state or Innovations Waiver (Medicaid) services for their family members. The program requires that the money only be given to a caregiver, that is hired and scheduled by the family, that lives outside of the home. This ensures that the household members are truly getting a few hours break from caregiving each month.  

This program is for families who do NOT have Medicaid and must live in Durham County.

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