• HOLIDAY Sing-a-long begins 11/30 - 10:00 Tuesdays - 4 weeks

More classes will be added depending on interest!

Arc Triangle University is a series of online experiences for teens and adults with IDD on a variety of topics.

Set-up like an online academic program, Arc Triangle University covers a myriad of topics and activities to engage our participants throughout the week.  It is our hope that someday ATU will be in-person programming!



Due to interest, not all classes are being offered at this time. If you miss a class- let us know!

  • Independent Living - $140/9 weeks $120/Arc participants/members
  • WorkReadiness - $90/5 weeks  $75/Arc participants/members
  • Basic Cooking & Nutrition - $100/6 weeks  $80/Arc participants/members
  • Intermediate Cooking - $100/6 weeks $80/Arc participants/members

  • Art  - $30/6 weeks  $25/Arc participants/members
    • Basic Drawing - NOT OFFERED THIS SUMMER
    • Intermediate Drawing (pre-requisite Basic Drawing) 
    • Art Appreciation $25/5weeks
  • Music - $25/5 weeks $20/Arc participants/members 
    • Music Appreciation
    • Themed Sing-a-long Class (genre TBD) 

  • Leisure & Movement - $25/5 weeks  $20/Arc participants/members
    • Basic Workout
    • Gentle Yoga
    • Cardio Dance
      • Cardio Conditioning (pre-requisite Basic Workout)

What families are saying about ATU:

“THANK YOU for the wonderful times you allow Abraham to have and for instilling in him to keep exercising.” -Debbie, Abraham’s mom

"Rex enjoyed and learned a lot from your classes (Work Readiness). Thank you for being such a great teacher! Thank you so much for the information." -Bethie, Rex’s Mom

"Johnny is so enjoying his (ATU) classes. They are the highlight of his week and really give him a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Thank you so much!" - John, Johnny's Dad