Community Guide/Community Navigator

Community Guide Services provide support to individuals in developing social networks and connections within local communities. The purpose of the service is to promote self-determination, increase independence, and enhance the individual’s ability to interact with and contribute to his or her local community.

Individual must have Medicaid to receive Community Guide Services.

Community Guide can assist:

• with locating non-Medicaid community supports and resources; this includes social activities, classes, volunteer opportunities, and educational resources.

• the individual and family with advocating for school services.

• in locating options for renting or purchasing a personal residence; assist with purchasing furnishings for the personal residence.

• the family in locating day/child care options.

• the individual with identifying a self-advocacy organization or other advocacy resources.

• with explaining guardianship and alternatives to guardianship.

For more information, please contact Steph Madara at 919-316-9973 or [email protected]