Support Professional of the Month December 2016

Jasmine Shah has been working with a family in Wendell for about 6 months, and since then she has been a reliable and consistent part of the participant’s life. Jasmine is willing to go above and beyond, and cover many hours each week that the family needs. While Jasmine provides excellent service to the family, she also has outstanding documentation. Jasmine not only completes all of the documentation within the 24 hour timeframe, but adds very detailed reports of the goals she worked on and the activities that occur within the shift. The family loves Jasmine and feels she is a great, reliable staff. Jasmine provides outstanding services and exceptional documentation! Thank you Jasmine for all you do!


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Support Professional of the Month November 2016

Jason Weaver has been working with a participant beginning in April, and since then there has been much growth with the participant. Jason always puts the person’s thoughts and values first, and encourages independence while ensuring their needs are met. Jason came in and became a stabilizer for the family who was struggling with inconsistent staff. Jason was willing to go above and beyond, and cover any hours the family needed. He is always willing to work the shortest or longest shifts, willing to help the family in any way he can. He is also eager to pick up other shifts for other families if needed. Not only is Jason helpful and reliable, but he has helped the participant through some difficult times. Over the summer the participant unexpectedly was without a job, and Jason stepped in to not only find other activities, but help the participant build up a resume and look for other potential jobs. The family loves Jason and feels he is a great, reliable staff. Thank you Jason for all you do!


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Support Professional of the Month October

LeTroy Gardner has proven to be a reliable staff that has been held in high regards by families.  One long time family to The Arc said he was the best staff they ever had.  Another family told me that he connected with their son right away and that usually never happens.  LeTroy always wants to learn so he can best serve the participants.  He will come to me asking ways to help advocate for his participants with specific situations that come up.

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Support Professionals of the Month - September

Alonzo Hunter was nominated for service by two individual service supervisors. Alonzo demonstrates all of the qualities that make a good support professional. He is kind, gentle and patient with all of the participants that he comes in contact with while providing services through the Arc. He is always willing to take extra shifts, and provide consistent staffing to our participants. The families and the participants speak highly of him. 

Wayne Thompson has proven to be an exemplary support professional for the year he has been with The Arc. Wayne works with a family with three participants. He does an excellent job providing services to each of the participants and is happy to pick up an open shift if need be. His positive, upbeat attitude is greatly appreciated by his coworker.  His participants’ family and his coworkers think very highly of him.

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Support Professionals of the Month August

Dustin Coutinho has been with The Arc of the Triangle for a few years now and in the past has worked with several participants. He has been with one individual who has significant needs which have increased during Dustin’s time with him. Dustin has been extremely consistent and reliable in his work with this individual including some weeks working several 13 hour days this summer.  Dustin has been a stable force for the participant and his family which has been amazing for them and The Arc! Dustin is a fast learner and has also assisted in training new staff on details of working with his participant. Dustin seems to have a passion for working in this field and it shows in his work!  This all makes him a wonderful part of The Arc of the Triangle team! 

Becki Sharpe seems to be someone who was born to be a care giver.  She is thorough and compassionate in her work with the individual she supports.  Becki worked for the agency when we had paper documentation and although it was new, Becki was able to adjust and learn set-works.  Becki gives clear and detailed information in her records and she is timely with her documentation.  It is easy to be up to date with what is going on since she provides such clear information (a different supervisor recently reviewed her records and even though she does not know Becki she made the suggestion because she was very impressed).  Becki is kind, caring and patient, making her an excellent fit for her job.  She remains calm in challenging situations and is a stable force in the life of someone who very much needs thanks.  Becki is very deserving of Support Professional of the Month especially for her strong documentation skills.

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Support Professionals of the Month July

Marie Dionne has worked with us for almost 5 years.  In those years she has worked with some participants and has worked the past 3 Summer Work & Wellness Programs as a Support Professional.  This year our Summer Work & Wellness Program Coordinator, who was originally hired, had to step down from the position due to some unforeseen circumstances.  The day she stepped down Mike Kirschner had contacted Marie as she was the logical choice, to me, to take over this position. She graciously stepped in at a very difficult point in the program.  Since then Marie has been proactive and constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of the participants at the program.  Families have come to me with appreciation that she is there coordinating the program.  Her approach to what she does is thoughtful and passionate and always putting those we server first.

Jill Skinner goes above and  beyond to provide services for the participant and his family.  She sets a standard with her participant that pushes him past his capabilities.  He has gained much independence because of her dedication to him.  The family has had some challenges that they felt were made bearable because they were able to depend on Jill.  The family wrote a letter in support of my nomination  of Support Professional of the Month (for service).  She also has not had an unexcused late note.


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Support Professionals of the Month May 2106

Krista Benbow- Outstanding Service and Neil Bailey- Outstanding Documentation

 KristaB_staff.jpeg   NeilB.jpg

Krista is an amazing support professional who has been working for The Arc since the fall of 2015. Krista is not only dedicated to ensuring her documentation is done timely and correct, but she is also caring and compassionate with the family she supports. Krista Benbow goes above and beyond for the participant she works with. Krista currently assists this participant in improving his daily living skills, social skills, and skills to improve his performance at his job. Since Krista has started working, this participant has become more social and confident in himself. His parents credit Krista’s hard work and considerate personality. Krista not only assists with current goals in the home and jobsite, but goes above and beyond to find new and exciting activities to keep the participant engaged in the community. Krista is not only an amazing staff for The Arc, but an exceptional worker to the family and community where she interacts. Thank you Krista!

Neil Bailey has served as a Senior Backup Staff for The Arc of the Triangle since November 2015. During this time, Neil has made a significant impact in the lives of those he support.  Neil has a genuine compassion for others…with or without disabilities.  Neil is dependable and clearly takes his role as a direct care support professional very seriously.  Rarely does Neil state that he is unavailable unless he has made a prior commitment to another participant.  No matter what the circumstance, location, level of disability or duties required for a particular shift, Neil will be there and surpass all expectations placed upon him.  Neil freely offers his time outside of scheduled hours to attend and actively participate in the Individualized Support Plan (ISP) or other opportunities to be supportive of the participant.  Neil has developed and maintained an impeccable working relationship with his supervisors, participants and their families. Neil contributes to forming positive relationships with members of the community and/or other agencies in an effort to build supports for participants. Neil’s positive attitude speaks volumes to the individuals in whom he supports.  Whether out in the community, in the home or serving as a job coach, Neil represents The Arc exceptionally well.  His hard work and dedication warrants appreciation and certainly has not gone unnoticed. 

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Support Professional of the Month April 2016

Amy Tamburro for Service 


Over the many years that Amy Tamburro has worked for The Arc, she has proven to be an outstanding Support Professional.  Her pro-activeness and dedication helped improve on the lives of those she supports through The Arc.  Her willingness to participate in all aspects of the participants lives has certainly helped with the planning and supports to give those we serve meaningful activities.  The families and The Arc appreciate her hard work over the years.


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Support Professional of the Month March 2016

Mitch Eubanks and Tommy Graham for Service


Mitch Eubanks a fantastic Support Professional, he also serves as the Arc of the Triangle’s rep payee for several of our participants.  Mitch is the epitome of support, and shows it consistently in his care and concern for the people that he works with.

Recently, Mitch went well above and beyond expectations by collaborating with a QP in creating sign language videos for his participant’s coworkers to view in order to facilitate more interactions between his participant and his coworkers, and making it comfortable for everyone.  He also volunteered to lead a collaborative meeting of 3 Support Professionals that all support a participant that Mitch works with to provide them with insight into strategies and techniques that seem to work best for this person, and Mitch was not “on the clock” for this meeting.  Mitch consistently offers support that goes above and beyond the guidelines of service, and that help his participants grow as a person in their community.  He is a valuable asset not only to the Arc, but to the disability community and local community as well.  He is a true agent of social change.

Tommy Graham is an excellent Support Professional who has been working with The Arc of the Triangle for several years now. He is very reliable and hardworking. Tommy clearly cares deeply about his participant, volunteering to take him on weekend outings and mowing the family’s lawn over the summers, all without pay. When on the clock Tommy is no less impressive.  Less than six months ago his participant got a new job. With Tommy’s outstanding coaching, the participant has excelled in the new role, recently being asked to work two additional days a week and making himself invaluable to his worksite. His employers are so impressed that they recognized the participant on the worksite’s website. Tommy also made sure that favorite volunteering activities and exercise were moved to fit around the new work schedule. For his deep investment in his participant, Tommy is very deserving of this recognition.

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Support Professional of the Month - February 2016

Lois Stanfield for Service and Jiearonnah Manns for Documentation


Lois Stanfield has worked in Roxboro with her participant for a while now and lives an hour away from The Arc’s Chapel Hill office.  She has proven to be reliable and self-motivated to work with her participant for some time now.  We found out from another source that she had been purchasing learning material for her participant.  She did this without notice and was determined to get her material to help motivate her participant to learn somethings she had long forgotten.  Since then we had found funding to cover the cost of the material she is purchasing but the fact that she went out of her way to put the participant first proves that Lois deserves to be the Support Professional of the month.

Jiearonnah Manns is a wonderful staff who has been working with a family in Raleigh since July 2015. Her fun and caring personality, along with her dedication to helping the twin brothers she works with, has proven what an outstanding staff she is. Jiearonnah often provides group respite with both brothers and her extra documentation is always done timely and correct. She maintains excellent communication with her supervisor and ensures she completes all her work in the structured time given. Jiearonnah is respected and praised not only by her supervisor, but by the family she works with who are gracious for the time and care she gives. Thank you Jiearonnah for your excellent service!

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