Support Professional of the Month - February 2016

Lois Stanfield for Service and Jiearonnah Manns for Documentation


Lois Stanfield has worked in Roxboro with her participant for a while now and lives an hour away from The Arc’s Chapel Hill office.  She has proven to be reliable and self-motivated to work with her participant for some time now.  We found out from another source that she had been purchasing learning material for her participant.  She did this without notice and was determined to get her material to help motivate her participant to learn somethings she had long forgotten.  Since then we had found funding to cover the cost of the material she is purchasing but the fact that she went out of her way to put the participant first proves that Lois deserves to be the Support Professional of the month.

Jiearonnah Manns is a wonderful staff who has been working with a family in Raleigh since July 2015. Her fun and caring personality, along with her dedication to helping the twin brothers she works with, has proven what an outstanding staff she is. Jiearonnah often provides group respite with both brothers and her extra documentation is always done timely and correct. She maintains excellent communication with her supervisor and ensures she completes all her work in the structured time given. Jiearonnah is respected and praised not only by her supervisor, but by the family she works with who are gracious for the time and care she gives. Thank you Jiearonnah for your excellent service!