Support Professionals of the Month August

Dustin Coutinho has been with The Arc of the Triangle for a few years now and in the past has worked with several participants. He has been with one individual who has significant needs which have increased during Dustin’s time with him. Dustin has been extremely consistent and reliable in his work with this individual including some weeks working several 13 hour days this summer.  Dustin has been a stable force for the participant and his family which has been amazing for them and The Arc! Dustin is a fast learner and has also assisted in training new staff on details of working with his participant. Dustin seems to have a passion for working in this field and it shows in his work!  This all makes him a wonderful part of The Arc of the Triangle team! 

Becki Sharpe seems to be someone who was born to be a care giver.  She is thorough and compassionate in her work with the individual she supports.  Becki worked for the agency when we had paper documentation and although it was new, Becki was able to adjust and learn set-works.  Becki gives clear and detailed information in her records and she is timely with her documentation.  It is easy to be up to date with what is going on since she provides such clear information (a different supervisor recently reviewed her records and even though she does not know Becki she made the suggestion because she was very impressed).  Becki is kind, caring and patient, making her an excellent fit for her job.  She remains calm in challenging situations and is a stable force in the life of someone who very much needs thanks.  Becki is very deserving of Support Professional of the Month especially for her strong documentation skills.