Support Professionals of the Month July

Marie Dionne has worked with us for almost 5 years.  In those years she has worked with some participants and has worked the past 3 Summer Work & Wellness Programs as a Support Professional.  This year our Summer Work & Wellness Program Coordinator, who was originally hired, had to step down from the position due to some unforeseen circumstances.  The day she stepped down Mike Kirschner had contacted Marie as she was the logical choice, to me, to take over this position. She graciously stepped in at a very difficult point in the program.  Since then Marie has been proactive and constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of the participants at the program.  Families have come to me with appreciation that she is there coordinating the program.  Her approach to what she does is thoughtful and passionate and always putting those we server first.

Jill Skinner goes above and  beyond to provide services for the participant and his family.  She sets a standard with her participant that pushes him past his capabilities.  He has gained much independence because of her dedication to him.  The family has had some challenges that they felt were made bearable because they were able to depend on Jill.  The family wrote a letter in support of my nomination  of Support Professional of the Month (for service).  She also has not had an unexcused late note.