Support Professionals of the Month May 2106

Krista Benbow- Outstanding Service and Neil Bailey- Outstanding Documentation

 KristaB_staff.jpeg   NeilB.jpg

Krista is an amazing support professional who has been working for The Arc since the fall of 2015. Krista is not only dedicated to ensuring her documentation is done timely and correct, but she is also caring and compassionate with the family she supports. Krista Benbow goes above and beyond for the participant she works with. Krista currently assists this participant in improving his daily living skills, social skills, and skills to improve his performance at his job. Since Krista has started working, this participant has become more social and confident in himself. His parents credit Krista’s hard work and considerate personality. Krista not only assists with current goals in the home and jobsite, but goes above and beyond to find new and exciting activities to keep the participant engaged in the community. Krista is not only an amazing staff for The Arc, but an exceptional worker to the family and community where she interacts. Thank you Krista!

Neil Bailey has served as a Senior Backup Staff for The Arc of the Triangle since November 2015. During this time, Neil has made a significant impact in the lives of those he support.  Neil has a genuine compassion for others…with or without disabilities.  Neil is dependable and clearly takes his role as a direct care support professional very seriously.  Rarely does Neil state that he is unavailable unless he has made a prior commitment to another participant.  No matter what the circumstance, location, level of disability or duties required for a particular shift, Neil will be there and surpass all expectations placed upon him.  Neil freely offers his time outside of scheduled hours to attend and actively participate in the Individualized Support Plan (ISP) or other opportunities to be supportive of the participant.  Neil has developed and maintained an impeccable working relationship with his supervisors, participants and their families. Neil contributes to forming positive relationships with members of the community and/or other agencies in an effort to build supports for participants. Neil’s positive attitude speaks volumes to the individuals in whom he supports.  Whether out in the community, in the home or serving as a job coach, Neil represents The Arc exceptionally well.  His hard work and dedication warrants appreciation and certainly has not gone unnoticed.