Building Abilities Day Program

Building Abilities is coming to the Cisco campus in RTP February 5, 2024!

Pre-registration is now open. 

Families need to fill out our pre-registration form and sign up for an on-site Pre-Screening meeting (participant must attend); pay a pre-registration fee of $50.

Somethings we know:

  • We will be located on the Cisco Campus in a private, secure facility.
  • Participants will be 18 & up. 
  • This program is suited best for individuals who need constant support to be successful (example would be if your child was in an ECS/ID Mod classroom in school).
  • Program is full or half day with a choice of 2 – 5 days a week.
  • $400/ 5 day week. $90/ full day 2-4 days a week; Half days $50/day.
  • Fees dues at the beginning of each 4 week period.
  • To start it will be private pay only. It is our hope to get licensed by the State and be able to accept Medicaid Waiver funding. Limited financial assistance may be available.

Questions? Contact Natasha Pratt at 919-357-2539 or email her!


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